jardí dels jesuïtes contest_second prize

The jury of the Jardin de los Jesuitas contest values the recreation that the project makes of the Valencian garden and the ditches. The minutes of the jury emphasize that it is the most horticultural proposal of all those presented.

The proposal evokes the elements of the Huerta de Valencia: The hydrological structure, the paths and the crops. A garden is designed with a playful, contemplative and informative character, which values water and the territory. It is an urban, healthy, inclusive and accessible green space for all people. Solar de los Jesuitas is rescued from oblivion and speculative trauma, converted into a new exemplary model of neighborhood claim and urban reconversion: A new green space complementary to the Botanical Garden and the Garden of the Hesperides. The evolution of crops and fruit trees in the orchard is explained in three main stages: Andalusian, medieval and contemporary. (January 2022)

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