apartment refurbishment_les corts


Architecture, technology and sustainability come together in this integral reform of 250 m2.
The family home is transformed integrally to accommodate the new functional program and needs of a family especially passionate about music and architecture.
It is an authentic professional privilege to design a home for a client interested in architecture and design. As a result, the project flows and arises placidly and harmonically, always with the challenge of finding the best spatial, formal and functional solution with a close dialogue with its users.
Each area or space enjoys a special atmosphere that extends throughout the home.
The most sociable spaces of the house are located at the opposite ends, occupying the main facades, open to natural light and views.
Architecture is closely linked to technology and sustainability.
The heating systems, with sectorized underfloor heating, and the air conditioning are solved with the use of renewable energy (aerotermia) optimizing the energy consumption.
The project is committed to sustainability and energy efficiency with the use of certified materials, passive thermal solar protection systems and the natural renewal of air throughout the house (cross ventilation). To the facades, an automated system of adjustable and retractable louvres will allow light and direct sunlight to be filtered and controlled.

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