refurbishment of les rambles_barcelona

The km_ZERO team wins the international competition of les Rambles de Barcelona (2017).

Km_ZERO is a team with extensive knowledge of the Rambles composed of 15 professionals from different areas, all of them very close to the local dynamics of the street:  Itziar González (architect), Arnau Boix (architect), Lola Domènech (architect), Olga Tarrasó (architect), Jordi Quiñonero (sociologist), Paul B. Preciado (Phd. in philosophy), Josep Selga (biologist), Ole Thorson (engineer of roads, canals and ports), Sergi Cutillas (economist), Ernest Cañada (geographer), Albert Conesa (industrial engineer), Sebastià Ribot (engineer of roads, canals and ports), Cristina Pedraza (technical architect), Pablo Feu (lawyer) i Pere Mogas (urbanist). Also, throughout the process will count on the participation of more professionals and experts from various areas.
The winning project was awarded 84.68 points out of 100. It is the best score awarded by the competition jury after taking into account all aspects, both technical and content, and has concluded that it deals with the proposal that best suits the current needs of the Rambles and the aim of recovering it for local use.
The assessment has been carried out by the internal staff of the City Council and external members, including representatives of the Friends of La Rambla Association, the College of Architects of Catalonia, the College of Political Scientists and Sociologists of Catalonia, the College of Geographers of Catalonia and the College of Civil Engineers, Canals and Ports of Catalonia.
In total, 6 teams that make up about 85 professionals have been submitted to the competition.

Six months to draft the strategies of action and the preliminary project of urbanization.

From the beginning of the work, the winning team will have six months to write the necessary documents to face the challenge of transforming les Rambles. On the one hand they will work on the document of action strategies that must take into account the definition of aims and criteria for social and tourism actions; culture and heritage; mobility and public space.
So, this document will be formed by the four transversal documents that already include the proposal with the objective of directly influencing the public space of les Rambles: management plan for large-scale areas; plan for community dynamization and activation of temporary uses; plan of cultural management and equipment, and preliminary project of urbanization of the public space and environment of les Rambles.
Once all this assignment is finished, the winning team will work on the urbanization project, which will be based on the document of action strategies. This project has to be ready in the fall of 2018 and has to answer for the needs of people with the main aim of recovering les Rambles as a walk, without major urban transformations.
The principles on which the urbanization project should be based are: inclusion, accessibility, contextualization, the mixture of uses, sustainability, making it pleasant, safety and innovation. All of this holds on to the precepts that established the Special Plan of Ordination of les Rambles.

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